Energy Savings as a Service​

What if your Electicity company came to you and offered to upgrade your refrigeration at no cost to you? And what if they told you that you could keep some of the savings as well? You would sign up for that in an instant, wouldn’t you? It’s free money after all.


Well this is exactly what Greenergizer can do for your business. Through our Energy Savings: As a Service program, we can upgrade your refrigeration equipment at no capital cost to you, while still allowing you to keep a share of the savings the refrigeration upgrade provides.


Benefits of our Energy Savings Program

  • No Investment
  • You save capital, making it available to help grow your business.
  • No Debt
  • Because this is considered a service, you don’t have to report it on your balance sheet.
  • You will be cash flow positive throughout the term of the agreement

How it works

  • We work to determine how much a refrigeration upgrade could save your facility
  • You and our partner company enter into an “Energy Savings as a Service” shared savings agreement (usually 5-6 years).
  • Your refrigeration upgrade is installed without any expense or investment.
  • You experience positive cash flow from day one, as there is no investment on your part.

For details on how your company can benefit from the Cost Savings a refrigeration upgrade provides, call or email us here:

Start saving money today!

Our service requires no capital investment from you so what are you waiting for?

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