Greenergizer Solution

Save Money on Refrigeration costs

Greenergizer’s Savings as a Service saves at least 5% and costs you nothing so what have you got to loose?

What do we do?

We work primarily with Supermarkets and Cold storage facilities who want to reduce their energy consumption and also reduce their carbon footprint.

With our systems and service customers can retrofit existing equipment and convert them into smart devices! Using big data and machine learning our systems manage existing equipment in a smart and intelligent way to reduce energy and unlock savings!

How do we do it?

Smart equipment &
Big data analytics

We analyse data gathered from our Internet of Things devices used in the retrofitted equipment.  We can then intelligently and efficiently control the equipment so that we save you money.

Reliable and Effective

Our technology is driven by good science and business sense combined with a mature team to ensure we deliver a practical reliable and effective solution.